[Mono-list] Weird serialization issue while calling a web service

Dave Curylo curylod at asme.org
Sat Aug 25 04:14:26 UTC 2012


Do you need to use a svcutil generated client?  I've found that the WCF
implementations are a bit hit and miss. Have you tried calling the web
service with a proxy generated by the wsdl executable instead?  It's been
around a lot longer and is more stable.  You definitely *can* create a web
service client in mono, as I have several applications making thousands of
web service calls a day, but I've avoided svcutil.  Every time I get into
the mono WCF implementation, there is functionality missing, stability
issues, etc.

As for whether to port a .NET code base to Java vs. mono, I think you
should consider a few things:

1) Porting between WCF and the older web service stack (wsdl.exe) is a
minor change, and most likely will affect only a small portion of your
product. Porting to Java means a complete rewrite of everything - not just
the service calls, but all your business logic, algorithms, testing tools,
development processes, everything. If you have a working product in .NET,
this probably doesn't make a lot of sense because you're throwing away a
lot of working code and processes.  Even if you have to work through some
kinks with mono, you're going to be much further advanced than if you
started from scratch in a different language.
2) Java has been stagnating while C# has been moving forward. If you make
heavy use of lambdas, LINQ, TPL, or anything added to C# in the last 5
years, you will miss it going to Java (although I think they recently added
3) You're moving to a different OS. Portability is nice, but everything
doesn't port well, as there are different implementation details on
different OS's.  If you're switching from Windows to Linux, you need to
consider the differences in packaging and deployment, logging and
instrumentation, and system services (cron and upstart, for example). If I
were you, I would take one port at a time and just get your C# code working
on mono and your product tightly integrated in with the Linux OS. Time
would be better spent integrating better with your new operating system
than rewriting the same code in a different language and THEN having to
also integrate with a new OS.

At any rate, please try with a wsdl instead of svcutil proxy and see if you
get better results.  And best of luck with the port, whether it's from
Windows to Linux or from C# to Java.


On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 4:14 AM, kScope <nicola.gargagli at gruppoinit.it>wrote:

> Sorry to bump this thread but this issue is really important to me.
> Our main customers planned to move to open source OSs (mainly linux) and we
> need to adapt our main applications to run on that platforms. The only
> alternative was to either rewrite everything in java or to run the current
> code under mono.
> I have spent several days trying to persuade my boss that a migration to
> the
> mono runtime would be feasible, mainly because he sees the mono project as
> an "unsupported mess with no future". It was really hard but I was able to
> obtain some days to experiment with the runtime to prove my stance while
> the
> java conversion is kept on hold. The time I was allowed to spend is
> starting
> to run out and I have no notable result to show.
> I have downloaded the source code and tried to step into mono code but
> without being able to find the root of the problem. I have no knowledge of
> the internals of mono and I just get lost in the sea of code.
> Please, I relly need some help or at least some hint about where I should
> start looking at.
> Thank you very much.
> Nicola
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