[Mono-list] Debugging mono with VS2010

Francois Schelling fschelling at square-enix-montreal.com
Fri Aug 10 14:05:31 UTC 2012


I've did a small setup to try mono and now I have a C++ program embedding and C# assembly.  I'm under Windows and using VS2010.

So far, I'm able to launch my main app from VS, load my assembly, unload it, recompile it with another VS instance, and then reload the assembly on my main program without stopping my main program.  Now, I would like to be able to debug my assembly but I'm unable to do so.  I cannot attach my secondary VS to the process since it's not available.  On my main VS instance that is debugging the main program, I cannot debug the assembly, only the main c++ application.

Anyone knows how to setup a mono debug environment with VS2010?

Francois Schelling
Senior Programmer
Square Enix Montréal
fschelling at square-enix-montreal.com


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