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Stifu stifu at free.fr
Tue Aug 7 15:02:32 UTC 2012

For the record: Entity Framework has been open sourced, and Mono will
probably support it soon.

Dave Curylo wrote
> In my experience, if you don't stray to far away from the core framework,
> you are in very good shape with API support. Stay away from things like
> Entity Framework and WPF (completely unsupported), use things like WCF and
> server components should be done with caution, but LINQ, TPL, or other
> parts of the core framework have very robust and well-tested
> implementations and you are much less likely to encounter issues.
> Of course you should test, and particularly load test, across platforms as
> some of the internals work a little differently and bugs can pop up in
> unexpected scenarios.
> As far as the runtime version included in various Linux distributions, in
> many cases it is better to package the runtime with your application. 
> RHEL / CentOS have an old mono distribution by way of the EPEL repository
> and by nature, that distribution uses older software versions. This isn't
> just a mono constraint; if you have a python application that relies on
> python > 2.4 (which is from 2006), then you need to package your own
> python to distribute to RHEL / CentOS.
> I wouldn't let the OS dictate the runtime you should use if it is simply a
> matter of packaging a newer runtime with your application. The OS can only
> really dictate the shared runtime version.
> On Aug 7, 2012, at 7:41 AM, edward.harvey.mono wrote:
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>>> Keep in mind that just because a certain Mono version supports a certain
>>> .NET
>>> profile, doesn't mean it fully supports everything in that profile. For
>>> example, Mono 2.0 supports .NET 2.0 and 3.5, but has many missing 3.5
>>> bits.
>>> Even the latest Mono versions do not support all the APIs .NET does. So
>>> things are not as simple as deciding which .NET version you want to
>>> support.
>>> By the way, check out the Mono wikipedia page:
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_%28software%29#History
>>> It may give you the overview you're looking for. It says Mono 1.2
>>> supports
>>> C# 2.0, but that the APIs are not on par with .NET 2.0 until Mono 2.0.
>> Ahh.  I was understanding before, that any given mono version is not 100%
>> compatible with any particular .Net version, but perhaps I wasn't
>> understanding well enough...
>> Here's my new perception - The goal is to develop some applications
>> cross-platform compatible (specifically, windows, mac, ubuntu, centos). 
>> It is understood that the application for each platform will be a
>> separate product, we can't just reuse all the code and expect it to work
>> on another platform.    But we'd like to maximize the code reuse.  It's
>> understood, the only way to do this is to start developing on one
>> platform, and obsessively frequently test the code on multiple platforms. 
>> The goal is to minimize the incompatibilities between platforms...
>> So I guess the best approach is ... First of all, start with .Net 3.5 on
>> windows.  Expect most of it to work on mac, ubuntu, and centos 6.  But
>> don't hold high hopes for centos 5.  Test obsessively, with every little
>> change.
>> Sound about right?
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