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Tue Aug 7 11:41:22 UTC 2012

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> Keep in mind that just because a certain Mono version supports a certain
> .NET
> profile, doesn't mean it fully supports everything in that profile. For
> example, Mono 2.0 supports .NET 2.0 and 3.5, but has many missing 3.5 bits.
> Even the latest Mono versions do not support all the APIs .NET does. So
> things are not as simple as deciding which .NET version you want to support.
> By the way, check out the Mono wikipedia page:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mono_%28software%29#History
> It may give you the overview you're looking for. It says Mono 1.2 supports
> C# 2.0, but that the APIs are not on par with .NET 2.0 until Mono 2.0.

Ahh.  I was understanding before, that any given mono version is not 100% compatible with any particular .Net version, but perhaps I wasn't understanding well enough...

Here's my new perception - The goal is to develop some applications cross-platform compatible (specifically, windows, mac, ubuntu, centos).  It is understood that the application for each platform will be a separate product, we can't just reuse all the code and expect it to work on another platform.    But we'd like to maximize the code reuse.  It's understood, the only way to do this is to start developing on one platform, and obsessively frequently test the code on multiple platforms.  The goal is to minimize the incompatibilities between platforms...

So I guess the best approach is ... First of all, start with .Net 3.5 on windows.  Expect most of it to work on mac, ubuntu, and centos 6.  But don't hold high hopes for centos 5.  Test obsessively, with every little change.

Sound about right?

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