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Mon Aug 6 14:22:50 UTC 2012

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> I don't know of documentation for this, but Mono 2.4 is old, and I wouldn't
> bother trying to support anything older. 

If we wish to develop & distribute a server product using mono...  It would be good to support rhel 5 & 6, as well as the various ubuntu LTS.  Right now, ubuntu LTS all seem to have mono 2.10, which is good.  But ... But centos 5 (epel5) has mono 1.2.4, and centos 6 (epel6) has mono 2.4.3.

Maybe we'll just have to drop centos5 as a supported platform, but if you are a business distributing a product, telling your customers that you can only support the very latest OS, it makes it difficult for the customers to accept your product...  Just ask any sysadmin who supports apple products.  ;-)  The day a new OS is released, the old OS is unsupported, so you as a company are forced to immediately drop what you're doing and test the new OS, as if the mac product release cycle is the only important thing in your life.   ;-)

Anyway... I know mono 1.2.4 is old.  But what version of .Net is it compatible with?

We may decide we're able to develop everything we need to develop, using that version...  Or we may just drop support for centos5.  I can't envision us saying we'll support ubuntu only and not redhat...  Which means we're already limited to a maximum .Net 3.5.

Thanks again...

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