[Mono-list] Installing Mono 2.10.8 on RHEL 6.0

Gregory Junker gjunker at dayark.com
Tue Apr 3 07:00:28 UTC 2012

On 4/2/2012 11:28 AM, sa5webber wrote:
> Hi Gregory
> I totally believe you about this. I don't think the problem is just a
> hardware error. I eventually managed to install mono so I didn't go as far
> as figuring out how to attach gdb to the mono process.  a debugger to the
> Well now because of constraints and a tight schedule, we proceeded
> developing under RHEL 6.0 and as a reward mono seems highly unstable.
> I had written several programs which ran fine under RHEL 5.5 and so
> recommended mono for the current project. But under 6.0, simple things that
> use to work in 5.5 now freeze under 6.0. Killing the frozen mono process
> then creates zombies that I can't get rid of. xbuild even freezes. I have to
> tell you that at the moment I'm regretting recommending mono although I'm
> hoping the problem is just this version of Linux.
> Anyway I'm looking for some confirmation that this problem will go away if I
> push to move us to RHEL 6.2.1. Did you go far enough to see similar issues?
> Steven

Hi Steven

Yes, Mono 2.10.8 runs without a hitch for us on 6.2. I believe that 6.1 
still had issues, but CentOS/RHEL 6.2 work fine with Mono. I honestly 
couldn't say what the issue is; 6.2 has glibc 2.12-1.47 while 6.0 has 
2.12-1.7, so it seems only the build number changed -- not sure if any 
actual pthread code in 6.2 changed from earlier versions.

While I obviously can't guarantee faultless operation, I can say that 
we've had zero spinlocks with 6.2, where I would spinlock on 6.0 and 6.1 
just building Mono itself (since it uses mcs to build the assemblies) 
nearly 100% of the time.


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