[Mono-list] Windows Forms AutoScroll - no scrollbars.

Edmund Kapusniak edmund.kapusniak at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 26 07:16:10 EDT 2011

Hi everyone,
  I hope this is the correct place to ask my question.

  I have this simple test program:
using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
static class Example
    public static int Main( string[] arguments )
        Form form = new Form();
        Button button = new Button();
        button.Location = new Point( 0, 0 );
        button.Size = new Size( 1000, 1000 );
        button.Anchor = AnchorStyles.Left | AnchorStyles.Top;
        button.Dock = DockStyle.None;
        form.Controls.Add( button );
        form.AutoScroll = true;
        Application.Run( form );
        return 0;
  On Windows using Microsoft .NET the program displays a form with scrollbars, and you can scroll around causing the very large button to change position.

  Using Mono 2.10.6 on OSX, there are no scrollbars at all.  When you resize the form you can see a white flicker as if something is trying to be drawn where the scrollbars should be, but nothing appears and you cannot interact with anything.

  Is there something I am missing or is this a bug in Mono?  Any help is appreciated!

-- Edmund


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