[Mono-list] Problem accessing an Access database in C#

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
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OLE-DB in namespace System.Data.OleDb is not supported on Mono.  OLE-DB is not maintained. There are some old bindings internally to libgda; however, libgda breaks backwards compatibility all the time.  Going this route is a big waste of time.

Because OleDb is part of the System.Data.dll assembly, we cannot simply remove it.

You could try creating your own C# bindings to mdbtools.  You can do an internet search to see if someone has.  But, I think this is a waste of time too.

Maybe there is an ODBC driver to mdbtools.  If there is, you can use the ODBC functionality in Mono's System.Data.Odbc.

My suggestion would be to convert your Access database to a DBMS that Mono has support for, such as, a SQLite database.You can use Mono's Mono.Data.Sqlite provider or use the provider from the sqlite.org 


There is even a fully managed C# implementation of SQLite called C#-Sqlite:

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Subject: [Mono-list] Problem accessing an Access database in C#


I seem to have hit a problem when try to drag data from an Access file. I know I can do it as I've populated some combo boxes using pretty much the same code, however, the code below is returning nothing and I cannot see why!

Any help would be appreciated

        private void searchInformation(List<string> detail, List<bool> opts)
            int id = 0;
            string commandString = "Select TutorID from TutorNames WHERE Name = '" + detail[0] + "'";
            OleDbCommand objCommand = new OleDbCommand(commandString, conn);
            OleDbDataReader reader = objCommand.ExecuteReader();
            while (reader.Read() == true)
                    id = (int)reader["TutorID"];
                catch (Exception e)
                { }

            if (id == 0)
                MessageBox.Show(detail[0] + " doesn't exist on the database", "Database", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);
            MessageBox.Show(detail[0] + " exists, ID = " + id.ToString(), "Database");

details[0] contains the name to be searched for (directly from a TextBox). TutorID exists in the TutorNames table and for test purposes, I'm using data that I know exists.

The only thing I can think of is that there are some escape characters at the end of the text (either being passed in or in the database) - everything else seems valid.

I have tried 

"Select * from TutorNames where Name = '" + details[0] + "'" to see if I can see TutorID, but nothing is being returned.

Additionally, I've tried another tack using a DataSet and DataTable in a similar way to the ways shown on MSDN, but still nothing.

Any clues would be appreciated!



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