[Mono-list] deploying mono apps on windows

Daniel Hughes trampster at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 06:05:13 EDT 2011

I am working on a windows installer for my mono based open source
application Wide margin.

I am having trouble determining how to know where mono is:

In the installer I can look up a registry key to determine the install
location of mono. And from this create a shortcut in the start menu which
uses mono to run my application.

The problem is that if the user upgrades the installed version of mono, this
will change the path which mono is installed to (it includes the version
number in the path). This means my shortcut will stop working.

Do people use a bootstrapper script of some kind which is hooked up to the
shortcut. That could find mono and then run the desired application with it?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to deploy an application which runs on
mono to windows. How have other people solved this problem?

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