[Mono-list] ProcessStartInfo and arguments with a backslash

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Sat Oct 1 14:37:02 EDT 2011

On 01.10.2011 20:17 CE(S)T, Yves Goergen wrote:
> Mono version:
> Mono JIT compiler version 2.10.5 (Debian 2.10.5-1~dhx1~lucid1)
> From badgerports for Ubuntu 10.4.

PS: It worked well with standard Mono 2.4.4 snapshot from Ubuntu 10.4,
the problem only arose when upgrading to 2.10.1 from Geza Kovacs at
Launchpad, and remained with upgrading to Badgerports 2.10.5.

Could it be a change between 2.4 and 2.10?

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