[Mono-list] OpenOffice/Libreoffice bridge

Marco Ridoni m.ridoni at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 13:59:52 EST 2011

I'm trying to use the cli-uno-bridge. Unfortunately the version bundled 
with Debian Squeeze is linked against Mono 2.6.7 and won't work, for 
obvious reasons, with Mono 2.10.x.

I tried to download the OpenOffice Debian sources and recompile (had to 
change a few makefiles, since the 1.x profile has been removed from Mono 
2.8 onwards) but it didn't work either (exits with a "GCHandle cannot be 
zero" message, I really don't have neither the time nor the knowledge of 
the Mono runtime needed to diagnose this further).

Has anybody been able to solve this? For now I'm stuck with using a Java 
Web Service to be able to interoperate with OpenOffice.


Marco Ridoni
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