[Mono-list] linux+mono and windows client sslstream communication failure

Chirag Patel patel.chirag.d at gmail.com
Tue May 31 13:47:18 EDT 2011


I need to debug a client server communication failure, while I'm
trying to migrate my windows .net framework code to linux mono.

Here is some code on the client:
	_sslstream = new SslStream(_tcpclient.GetStream(), false,
                     callback, null);
        _sslstream.AuthenticateAsClient("", _certs, SslProtocols.Ssl3,

After this point, the following code fails:
	_sslstream.Read(buffer, offset, size);
It looks like this one doesn't move forward for quite a while.

The last thing server did was BeginHandshake call.
                 SslStream :: BeginAuthenticateAsServer(serverCert, true,
 SslProtocols.Ssl3, true, callback, this);

After server authenticate is finished, server is supposed to send a
greeting, but that doesn't seem to happen, as that part of code is not
hit yet.

On top of that, when I 'stop' the client, server's EndHandshake (viz.
EndAuthenticateAsServer) is called.

Setup details:
Client side: Physical Machine -  Windows + Microsoft .NET 3.5
Server side: Virtual Machine hosted on above - Linux + Mono 2.6
(latest stable release)

I have full access to code on both sides, as both are written
in-house. And the setup has been running fine on Windows for 1 year.

I have ignored client side errors about server certificate for now,
with the ValidateServerCertificateCallback.
(I have one error here - RemoteCertificateNameMismatch for the server
certificate on client side)

Once it hits that _sssstream.Read, I can't figure out what's going on
and why isn't it moving forward?


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