[Mono-list] Iterating through classes in assembly

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri May 27 06:42:36 EDT 2011

On 27.05.2011 07:47, JarkkoL wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a C function in libmono to iterate through classes in an
> assembly, but after reading through bunch of headers, documentation and
> googling around, I couldn't find such a function. There's
> mono_class_from_name() but that requires you know the class name beforehand,
> and I would like to provide users a generated list of classes to pick from,
> which requires some kind of iteration of the assembly for generating the
> list. There seems to be also mono_class_get_methods() which provides the
> functionality for iterating through methods of a class, but is there similar
> function for classes in an assembly?

There is no such function. You can either use
S.R.Assembly.GetExportedTypes ()´via mono_runtime_invoke (),
or something like this:

  * Enumerates the classes of the specified assembly.
  * Similar to mono_class_get_{methods|fields|events|...}.
mono_assembly_get_classes (MonoAssembly *assembly, gpointer *iter)
	MonoImage *image;
	int num_types;
	gssize *index;

	if (!iter)
		return NULL;

	index = (gssize *) iter;

	/* skip the <Module> */
	if (!*index)
		*index = 1;

	image = mono_assembly_get_image (assembly);
	num_types = mono_image_get_table_rows (image, MONO_TABLE_TYPEDEF);

	if (*index < num_types) {
		return mono_class_get (image, *index | MONO_TOKEN_TYPE_DEF);
	} else {
		*index = 0;
		return NULL;

Note that function is using old-style GLib types, so you'll probably
have to replace gpointer, gssize with... something else.


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