[Mono-list] Mono on MacOS load errors

Weber, Jeff Jeff_Weber at intuit.com
Wed May 25 22:39:01 EDT 2011

I have been handed jar files and asked to integrate this "portable" code into our Object C / C++ application running on MacOS.  I know that hosting the JVM is not an option on iOS and Lion, which is why I am looking at mono (after using iKVM to create CIL assemblies from the jar files).   I actually have the iKVM assemblies up and running and being called from my Objective C using the reflection APIs.  This is of course is running in the best case scenario on a dev machine with lots of memory.  My question is if I will see significant failure rates "loading" the mono runtime on not so pristine machines with limited memory.  By significant, I mean more that 1% of users "in the wild".  I am asking because I have data that shows attempts to load the JVM to execute the jar files resulted in about 5% failure to load the JVM "in the wild".  I'm a little gun shy from that experience and am looking for a honest answer where.  Note: the jar files are calling will need to allocate upwards of 256M or memory (I believe this was the issue with had with loading the JVM).  My impression is that I will not because I didn't see any load options like stack / heap size, so the conclusion is that memory allocation is well integrated into the MacOS.  Also, same question for iOS using MonoTouch.

Jeff Weber
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