[Mono-list] Mono static library

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue May 24 13:52:00 EDT 2011

On 24.05.2011 13:30, JarkkoL wrote:
> Btw, I'm NOT defining GC_INSIDE_DLL=1 because i'm using static library
> because of that GC_DllMain() isn't called, which in turn calls GC_init(). If
> I define GC_INSIDE_DLL then GC_thread_is_registered() returns 1 and the
> problem goes away. However GC_init() is called by mono_jit_init() anyway, so
> is this a bug in GC_thread_is_registered() implementation? I can't be the
> first one to try to link Mono statically (:

Mono/Win32 cannot be linked statically because it relies on Boem GC
to register threads, but Boem cannot register threads w/out
GC_INSIDE_DLL and DllMain.


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