[Mono-list] ubuntu support

Daniel Hughes trampster at gmail.com
Mon May 16 21:45:02 EDT 2011

Now that Novell has been purchased by Attachmate and has laid off its mono
And a new mono company xamarin has been started which is not associated with
open suse.

Can we expect official ubuntu support going forward?

Ubuntu represents a larger user base for mono then suse. It has 3 default
mono apps but is still stuck on a very old version of mono. Ubuntu has shown
a willingness to adopt mono applications and would be an idea primary
platform for the mono project going forward.

Without the funding from Novell I not sure that open suse has anything left
to offer the mono project and I'm sure it does not deserve the exclusive
first class support it has historically enjoyed.

I have a open source mono application (Wide Margin
https://bitbucket.org/trampster/widemargin/wiki/Home) which is getting close
to first alpha release and I will firstly be targeting Ubuntu. Because
that's where the desktop users are (as was demonstrated by the banshee usage
stats). I would love to have the mono project behind my chosen  platform and
know that I can use the lastest and greatest mono features.
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