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Abe Gillespie abe.gillespie at gmail.com
Mon May 9 09:59:00 EDT 2011

Mono runs ASP.Net MVC apps just fine.  The sources are here:


XSP is at the very bottom.  Note that you'll probably want mod_mono as well
if you're running your site through Apache.  Setup and running XSP /
mod_mono is very Googlable; see what you can turn up.

Note, that if you compiled MonoDevelop from source, there may be some extra
steps involved to point MD at XSP and have it run / debug your MVC sites
properly.  I don't know, I never compile MD from source.


On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 4:00 AM, Doug <douglas.linder at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm posting this here in the hopes the mono-list is slightly more populated
> that the asp sublist.
> Basically the issue I have is this:
> I can compile an MVC 2.0 application under mono (great) but I can't
> actually run it.
> xsp2 appears to only serve old-style apps where there is a 1-1 mapping
> between the file system and files, with each .aspx file having an associated
> .aspx.cs code-behind file. This is not how MVC apps work.
> MVC apps should have their urls parsed and run according to the routing
> information defined for that application; typically the
> /{controller}/{action} url is mapped to the function {action} in the class
> Controller{controller} in the project. Under no circumstances should the
> webserver randomly start trying to load aspx files from purely from the url
> pattern.
> I've seen a few vague posts about something called 'xsp4' that is somehow
> capable of doing this (for example this page mentions it with regard to
> using razor:
> http://twistedcode.net/blog/post/2011/02/03/Orchard-begins-to-work-under-Mono.aspx),
> and is possibly packaged as part of the mono develop package, but I can't
> find any concrete information on where to actually get this.
> Also, if it's part of mono develop, that's not particularly useful for, for
> example, actually hosting a web app that uses MVC on a real server.
> Is this part of the git repo somewhere?
> I build mono 2.10 from source on my server, but I couldn't find the sources
> to xsp anywhere.
> help~
> cheers,
> Doug.
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