[Mono-list] Best way for connecting to a Database

Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso francisco at marzoa.com
Mon Mar 28 14:57:04 EDT 2011

Thanks Abe,

I forgot to mention before that this application mind to be Open Source,
so connection to DB should be also based on an OS solution.

On the other hand, I've used PostgreSQL for several years, but MySQL
fits better for this project. Although I want to give to the users the
possibility of change database server easily to fit their specific needs.

I think ADO.Net MySQL driver may be a good choice.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

El 28/03/11 20:32, Abe Gillespie escribió:
> Either use the ADO.Net MySQL driver or you can do something like LinqToSql
> with Devart's product (I've had great success using it for Postgres on
> Linux, Mac, and Windows and it's medium price is worth leaving the hassle of
> DbLinq behind).
> Disclaimer, my personal opinion: with that said, Pg is a superior database
> to MySQL.  For a free ADO.Net driver, see
> http://npgsql.projects.postgresql.org/
> -Abe
> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 2:05 PM, Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso <
> francisco at marzoa.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> What's the best way to connect to a database?
>> The method should be portable and run indistinctly on both Windows and
>> Linux.
>> For now I want to use a Mysql database, but in the future this
>> application may use another database servers.
>> Thanks in advance,
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