[Mono-list] Time Change Issue

Cliff Stanford cliff at may.be
Sun Mar 27 06:58:26 EDT 2011

I *think* this is a problem caused by the mono library because I can't 
think what else could have caused it.  Can anyone throw light on it?

I have a long-running server written in mono which needs to know its 
time in local time.  It runs on GMT+1 plus DST, where appropriate.  This 
morning in Europe, the clocks went forward.  The system clock (Fedora 
Linux 2.6.30 kernel) changed from 02:00 to 03:01, correctly at 01:00 to 
01:01 GMT.

Looking at the logs generated by the mono server, I see the time go from 
01:58 to 02:00 (at 01:00 GMT) and then jump *backwards* an hour to 
01:01, meaning it is now two hours out.

An hour later, at 02:00 GMT, it jumps forward *two* hours so that by 
04:00 local it is back on the right time zone.  As I said, the system 
clock behaved correctly through this time.

Any ideas?

Cliff Stanford
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