[Mono-list] gmcs crashes on C#3 solution

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Mar 5 10:10:26 EST 2011

On 05.03.2011 11:16, Felix Natter wrote:
> hello,
> when trying to compile a CSharp3 solution using monodevelop, gmcs crashes:
> /usr/bin/gmcs /noconfig
>   "/out:/home/felix/doks/CSMath/ANTLR/antlr-3.3/runtime/CSharp3/Sources/Antlr3.Runtime/bin/Debug/Antlr3.Runtime.dll"
>   "/r:System.dll" "/r:System.Core.dll" /nologo /warn:4
>   "/keyfile:/home/felix/doks/CSMath/ANTLR/antlr-3.3/runtime/CSharp3/Sources/Antlr3.Runtime/Key.snk"
>   /debug:+ /debug:full /optimize- /codepage:utf8 "/define:DEBUG;TRACE"  /t:library
>   [many .cs files...]

I ran into this "issue" myself: for some reasons ANTLR does not
deploy its SNK. It's 0 byte long in the archive.

You may want to create a new key:

	cd runtime/CSharp3/Sources/Antlr3.Runtime
	rm Key.snk
	sn -k Key.snk


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