[Mono-list] Mono application monitoring (and New Relic)

Harry Wilkinson hwilkinson at mdsol.com
Tue Jun 28 12:46:24 EDT 2011


Is there any kind of off-the-shelf server/app monitoring software that works
with Mono?

We have a lot of Ruby on Rails web apps in production on Linux servers, and
we use New Relic for monitoring those.  We also have a lot of .Net-based
apps that are hosted on Windows servers, and I'm try to get some of those
apps working on Linux with Mono.

There are some strong incentives use New Relic for monitoring the Mono apps,
but as far as I can tell New Relic's .Net client is tightly bound to IIS,
and they have stated that they don't do Mono.  So I would be very interested
to hear if anyone has got New Relic working with Mono, or if there is some
other good monitoring software that does something similar.


Harry Wilkinson
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