[Mono-list] port 80 and WCF

Nadeem Backus nadeem.backus at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 11:33:30 EDT 2011


I have a working console hosted WCF  application that works perfectly fine
on ports 81,8080 and others, but on port 80  the program runs without error
but does not present a service running on port 80. I have uninstalled apache
etc that might have run on that port. and nmap reports that  port 80 is not
open when the console host is not running.

I am running the assembly as root on ubuntu 10.10, the version of mono I am
using is 2.10. The app is using the WebHttpBinding.

Is there any mono specific settings that may be preventing services
working properly on port 80?

Thanks in advance.


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