[Mono-list] Help in Launching c# application through mono in embedded(arm) environment

Muthukumar S muthu.smk at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 07:56:27 EDT 2011

Hi All,
            We have created a "hello world c# application" through mono and
we try to launch it in
arm (embedded ) environment using launcher application(which is written in
When we launch the application through launcher at first time,we are getting
the following output.

* Hello Mono World*
*send signal from USER, SIG : 30, Launcher(1224)->Launcher(1225) sys_tgkill*
*send signal from USER, SIG : 24, Launcher(1224)->Launcher(1225) sys_tgkill*
Here launcher is running in one thread ,and the output is generated as
when we try to launch it at second time my system get crashed by showing the
above output.

My launcher is working fine in launching native application. I believe there
is some issue in
mono signal handing mechanism.

Please provide some help to fix the above issue.


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