[Mono-list] multilingual

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Jan 28 09:34:25 EST 2011

On 28.01.2011 14:42, David Tristram wrote:
> Hello
> I have a program written C# under VS2005. I have to put on this program
> under Linux.
> I think that mono can help me to realize it.
> If I understood well :
> - I can integrate MONO into VS2005 not to change environment of
> development

You don't need (and there is no way either) to integrate Mono
into VS. VS is emitting assemblies that should run unchanged
under Mono anyway.

Odds are you're speaking about "Mono Tools for VS"
http://mono-tools.com/ which may help you with the port.

> - Mono will generate me of the native code Linux.

Not really. Mono is primary[1] a runtime environment like MS.NET,
which means that it must be installed under Linux.

Again, if you're thinking of "Mono Tools for VS", the
tools won't generate native code either. A Mono runtime
is still required on the system.

[1]There are methods of deploying native code (mkbundle, bundling
the runtime manually, full-AOT), but these won't help you
porting your application at all. See them as a last step of
optimizing your deployment.

> On the other hand, my application is multilingual (Use of the properties
> " Localizable " and "Language" and file resources from VS2005).
> This is it practicable under MONO ?



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