[Mono-list] CSharp interpreter feedback, and a gift

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Jan 28 01:40:15 EST 2011

> 1) a single evaluate function which could handle expressions and statements.

This is already the case.

> 2) able to evaluate multiple statements, without evaluating them one by one.

That is also the case.

> 3) handle errors through a return or raised exception, rather than
> through a side-effect print to Console.Out, or Console.Error

I have to look into this one in particular, are these compilation
errors, or the execution errors?

You can control where the error messages go by assigning a TextWriter
object to the InteractiveBase class's Output and Error properties.

> I haven't looked into how the Csharp interpreter actually works, but
> it would be excellent if the user could define functions and classes,
> in the environment. Would that be possible?

It is not currently possible.   This requires some work on the
compiler to enable the feature.


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