[Mono-list] Messages in apache error log

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jan 27 10:43:22 EST 2011

On 27.01.2011 16:29, Tomi wrote:
> Hi folks, I'm using mono (with sgen), xsp and mod_mono from master
> (master/7f146f9 Tue Jan 18 21:07:17) on Ubuntu Server 11.04 with
> apache 2.2.16. I'm hosting there several ASP.NET MVC 2 web
> applications either on mod-mono-server2 or mod-mono-server4 and I can
> see in error.log of apache these kind of error messages:
> [Thu Jan 27 15:59:26 2011] [error] command failed: failed to send file
> (file data)

This may occur if a client has disconnected.

> and sometimes these exceptions:
> (info) Auto generated encryption keys not saved:
> System.Security.SecurityException: No access to the given key
>    at Microsoft.Win32.KeyHandler..ctor (Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey
> rkey, System.String basedir, Boolean is_volatile) [0x00000] in
> <filename unknown>:0

This one is due to lack of permissions for the
$HOME/.mono/ directory. Assure that the web server account
has write permissions for its own home directory.


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