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Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Mon Jan 24 10:37:35 EST 2011

On Jan 23, 2011, at 2:56 PM, Jo Shields wrote:
> Preliminary notes:
> * mdoc is still a 2.0 app. Is this intentional?

This doesn't need to be per-profile, as it uses Cecil to read IL (and Cecil will read ~any version).

By the same logic it could be a 4.0 app; it really doesn't matter.  It's currently a 2.0 app because, circa a few months ago, the 4.0 build was optional but building docs wasn't, so we needed to ensure that mdoc was present so the build wouldn't break.  Then we changed the build so that docs would only be built when building the 4.0 profile, somewhat mooting things, but we didn't change mdoc to be built under 4.0 again (as there isn't/wasn't much point).

If there's a reason to make mdoc a 4.0 app, I'm all ears, otherwise I don't currently see the need (as I'm not using any 4.0 features in mdoc).

 - Jon

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