[Mono-list] Timeout for incoming connections to mod-mono-server2

Maxim makska at yandex.ru
Mon Jan 24 06:23:17 EST 2011


Is there any way to set timeout for incoming connections for Apache / 
We've got some issues with web-sites running on Mono. Some incoming connections 
are not closing properly and when amount of open connections exceed limit 
web-site goes to "Service temporary unavailable" state.
Examples of such a connections in /mono control panel:


    * Restart Server <http://itla-web.ru/webstat/mono?restart=XXGLOBAL>
    * Stop Accepting Requests <http://itla-web.ru/webstat/mono?pause=XXGLOBAL>
    * 0 requests currently being processed; limit: 30; total: 9485

          -256 1295868214s /index.aspx?url=/catalogue/category148/good147.html
          -256 1295868214s /index.aspx?url=/catalogue/good140.html

    * 0 requests currently waiting to be processed; limit: 3

I highly appreciate any info!

All the best,
Max Karavaev

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