[Mono-list] Broken Linq to XSD managed xml provider.

Bob "PS" Watson scope_creep at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 12:55:41 EST 2011


I'm developing a multithreaded crossplatform file reader as part of a log
management solution. We use linq to XSD to generate IDMEF xml on the fly, as
it's perfomant, and allows positional updates to schema before its


Programing away for 2+ months ran Mona and found these 3 calls which break
the provider. I know you probably get a bundle of missing method call emails
every day but...


I checked the status page for .Net 4 and they look fairly simple but perhaps


XmlSchemaType.GetBuiltInSimpleType()   in System.Xml.Schema has not been
coded and has been flagged as TODO.


Also in .NET 2 implemented XmlSchemaType.BaseXmlSchemaType () still not
coded for .Mono 4.0 which also Linq to XSD.  Same with


I'm also getting this message "We should parse basetype from right to left
in 2.0 profile." Applied on the CodeTypeReference .ctor in System.CodeDom

How do I go about getting these 3 assemblies full patched, to complete

Is there a well defined process for doing it. 











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