[Mono-list] Mono and Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire

Danny Gorton dgortonii at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 20:34:55 EST 2011

Hello list,

This may be slightly off-topic for the Mono list, but I'm making a
cross-platform product on Windows/Linux using .NET/Mono and have until now
had really good successes with making my components work seamlessly on the
two platforms using the appropriate native libraries and P/Invoke
(DllImport).  Now I'm trying to integrate 1-Wire sensors into the mix and
I'm having trouble finding the code module(s) I need.  It may be due to my
lack of a traditional C background, or whatever.

I just wanted to make a quick poll to see if anyone knows of a
cross-platform version, or at least a dynamic library, of the 1-Wire
interface:  http://www.maxim-ic.com/products/1-wire/software/.  I've looked
at all of these (except Java, which isn't an option) and they seem to be
really geared toward Windows - the .NET components P/Invoke Windows (or CE)
libraries for serial comms.  I don't have enough C-foo to make a dynamic
library out of the public domain component(s), but that is what I intend to
tackle if I can't find that it has already been done.

I *can* make distinct plug-ins for *nix and Windows if necessary, but would
rather not.  At any rate, I need to target Linux first, and at the moment
I'm stuck. So before I dig in to get really dirty I figured I'd ping this
list.  Also, I have noticed owfs (http://owfs.org/), which got me excited
until I realized that it put me in nearly the same boat - no dynamic library
that I can call from C#.

Any and all help is appreciated, even if it poses a way to solving the
problem I haven't mentioned or alluded to.

Thanks in advance,
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