[Mono-list] serious noob here!!

Steve Lessard s_lessard at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 3 13:12:21 EST 2011

Your console app won't accept input when running inside MonoDevelop because 
MonoDevelop's console doesn't accept input. (Or at least that has been my 
experience.) The solution is to run your program on an external console. There 
is a setting for this in MonoDevelop. Go to Project options -> Run -> General -> 
Run on external console.

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monon000b wrote:
> Hi!
> I recently installed ubuntu and monodevelop with it.
> I already had a small terminal application, when i run it in monodevelop
> it works perfectly except that it wont accept user input. It starts and
> says 'what is your name'. At this point I would expect to be able to enter
> a name. Instead monodevelop does not allow me to enter information into
> it's Application Output window...
> What do I do, sorry that i am completely clueless!
> sorry for wasting your time if this is a completely ridiculous post but i
> have googled the answer but have come back empty handed.

Your message was not accepted by the mailing list so you will probably not
get many answers.  It is only visible on the forums and most people do not
use them.

Your question is pretty open ended.  If you are going to ask a question like
this, it is usually best to include some of your code so people can see what
is going on.

What happens when you instead run your application from the command-line?

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