[Mono-list] System.Runtime.Serialization missing

David Auzinger david.auzinger at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 11:41:30 EST 2011


(I hope I'm right here. I would have posted this in the mini forums but I
can't access them)

I'm developing on a windows machine with Visual Studio Express 2010 (i
started with monodevelop, but then it kept greying out the Run/Debug options
in the menu and i had to switch). As for my knowledge: I'm quite used to C#,
though no pro, same with linux in general and this is my first mono-project.

A part of the program I'm writing is a deserialization of JSON data. This is
don using JSON.Net. When compiling and running the code on the windows
machine, everything works just fine, on the target machine (a debian server)
however it crashes when i try to use JSON.Net and gives me a message about
System.Runtime.Serialization Assembly could not be found (Assembly:
System.Runtime.Serialization (assemblyref_index=5), Version = Public
Key: b77a5c561934e089)

I would appreciate any help!

David Auzinger
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