[Mono-list] Mono 2.8.2 for CentOS 5

Chris Rokusek crokusek at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 18 21:58:11 EST 2011


Off subject to your request but sharing that I went through similar
considerations with CentOS.  I ended up just building the source with very
few problems.  Most issues were figuring out how to reference and co-exist
with pre-installed libraries.  I think I ended up using a few options with
./configure.  If go strictly using rpm tools (either mono or dependencies),
I recall some interplay between rpm defaults and yum that seems a bit fuzzy
(and possibly inconsistent) to me as a newbie.
Back on topic, Centos yum support would be great.


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I am new to mono development.  I selected mono over other platforms like
java for my department at work for several reasons.  Like most Open Source
projects, I noticed a long term release and a current-stable release.

The 2.6.7 release seems rather dated now that I read the 2.8 tree has
furthered technology and optimizations in it.

Does anyone "formally" keep a CentOS 5 compiled-rpm repo for the 2.8 branch?

I know it wouldn't be a supported build, or maybe they can point me to a
CentOS 5 friendly spec file I can use directly with the source.

I read that 3.0 is the next long term release.  Will CentOS 5/6 get the an
officially supported 3.0 build?

I am curious to know however, I know this is a Novell project, and Novell
owns SuSE, but RHEL/CentOS is a very large distro, I would think it would
also be supported by the latest stable releases?

Please forgive my noobieness.  I love Mono, and am excited to be working
with it.

I appreciate your help and thoughts on these matters.
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