[Mono-list] mono error: DllNotFoundException when calling from C code

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Feb 10 04:39:07 EST 2011

On 10.02.2011 07:12, coolmanu07 wrote:
> Hello,
> I have developed an application in mono .Net. I call a method of this
> application from C code and that is working fine. Then i included a new
> method in my .net class which is using System.Net dll of .Net.
> now the C code is not able to call that method, however if i call that
> method from another mono.Net code then it works. I have also set the debug
> level for mono and the exception detail is as follows:
> Mono-INFO: DllImport attempting to load: 'libc'.
> Mono-INFO: DllImport loading location: 'libc.so'.
> Mono-INFO: DllImport error loading library: '/usr/lib64/libc.so: invalid ELF
> header'.

You're probably not initializing Mono's dll maps with
mono_config_parse(NULL) from the C app that embeds Mono.


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