[Mono-list] Using both System.Xaml and WindowsBase

Atsushi Eno atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com
Tue Feb 1 20:44:27 EST 2011

Oops, I shouldn't have done it then ;-) It's already in our git.

You don't have to worry about future versions (#if !NET_4_0 will be used 
there too).

Atsushi Eno

(2011/02/02 3:19), ludovicchabant wrote:
> I don't have any Mono dev environment set up yet (it's my first time writing
> .NET code on a Mac) but I'll try to do it myself just for fun and education.
> Atsushi, if you can get the patch submitted faster, however, I'd be grateful
> :)
> I think that it would be better to *include* those classes with #if NET_3_0
> or NET_3_5 so you don't have to revisit those condition when future versions
> of the framework ship.

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