[Mono-list] Mono Job Board

Joseph Hill joseph at xamarin.com
Wed Dec 14 20:13:48 EST 2011

> I might be ignorent, but is the board ment for programmers looking for
> work, is it only for companies looking to get some work done or both?
Currently, our focus is to enable companies to post job/contract listings.
 We may let listings run the other way at some point in the future, but
this requires something a little different than what we've currently put
together, and we're not yet sure that the alternative is what employers or
developers want.

> The other thing, how about a bug insentive, where one could post a reward
> for fixing a specific bug report? I know the company I work at would
> probably be okay chipping in to get a speficic bug fixed from time to time
> when we hit them..

There is some overlap inasmuch as a company can post a job listing that is
essentially "We need someone to address this bug/these bugs";
however, we're launching the job board because we get a lot of requests
from people willing to pay for Mono expertise, but the requests are far
more often in the form of "Help us deliver a project on Mono." or "We have
some issues, but we don't know what they are."

A bug-fixing-reward board would be something different than what we've
built, and is probably a discussion for a separate thread.

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