[Mono-list] Mono Job Board

Esben Laursen hyber at hyber.dk
Wed Dec 14 14:41:31 EST 2011

Den 14-12-2011 00:42, Joseph Hill skrev:
> Hello Everyone
> Later this week, Xamarin will be launching a new job board.  The board 
> will enable
> companies that are building applications with Mono to find developers 
> familiar with
> the platform
> We're launching with an introductory fee of $50/month fee to post a 
> listing; however,
> if you are currently in need of a Mono developer, we are further 
> discounting the fee
> to $10 for the first 25 listings.
> Please contact me directly if you are interested in posting a listing.

I might be ignorent, but is the board ment for programmers looking for 
work, is it only for companies looking to get some work done or both?

The other thing, how about a bug insentive, where one could post a 
reward for fixing a specific bug report? I know the company I work at 
would probably be okay chipping in to get a speficic bug fixed from time 
to time when we hit them..



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