[Mono-list] Getting the milliseconds of a file's stat information

Mathias Tausig mathias.tausig at a-cert.at
Thu Dec 1 09:01:03 EST 2011


I want to read the creation/modify date information of a file and want
to use the Mono.Unix.Native.Stat structure for it.
I create the Stat variable either via UnixFileSystemInfo.ToStat or
directly with Mono.Unix.Native.Syscall.stat, both methods have the same
My problem is, that the information I get from that, is only precice up
to the second, but the 'stat' command issued on the linux command line
shows me a more precise information, for instance:
Modify: 2011-12-01 14:37:18.586409216 +0100

Is there any way to acces this infomation from within mono (apart from
parsing the command line output of stat)?


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