[Mono-list] How to protect a mono application from reverse engineering?

Stéphane C skip5500 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 24 12:42:21 EDT 2010


I am currently evaluating mono as a replacement of Qt/C++ for a 
commercial application but I'm a bit worried about the way it compiles. 
Extracting the source code from an IL assembly seems a very easy task, 
in fact I found it quite alarming, thus I am looking for ways to protect
 my application. 

So far I have found commercially supported native compilers for 
.Net but they don't seem to cover linux and the mono world. Regarding 
Mono own AOT compiler, it looks like it stills requires you to ship your
 IL code because it works like microsoft ngen. On the other hand, I 
really don't think obfuscation is a good solution. 

It's not that I'm a paranoid, thinking the entire world is going
 to hack my software but I need to prevent people from running modified 
versions of some crucial parts. 

Any advice welcome! 

Thanks in advance
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