[Mono-list] F Sharp on mono 2.8?

Igor Plotnikov igor.plotnikov at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 17:37:39 EDT 2010

Hello everybody

I'm trying to use f sharp on mono 2.8

The previous mono had an unpleasant effect of burning 100% cpu whenever the
f sharp async workflows are used.

2.8 seems to behave a lot better with asyncs, however it seems unstable. My
code after running for some time just stops executing without exiting the
program. cpu consumption goes to zero. mono with --verbose  does not show
anything suspicious.
The same effect is observed with fsc.exe compiling my code - it never
finishes. Small f sharp files are compiled ok.

The mono is built from the trunk on ubuntu 9.10, 64 bit, and set up as a
parallel environment. I tried with different gcs, with and without llvm -
same thing.

Any ideas what can be wrong?

Thank you
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