[Mono-list] Compiling 2.8

Matt Calder mvcalder at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 10:00:31 EDT 2010


I am experiencing memory issues in my application:

Too many heap sections: Increase MAXHINCR or MAX_HEAP_SECTS

So I want to compile and install mono-2.8 because I understand it has
improved GC. I have done this previously without issues (I currently
run 2.6.7), but am wondering if I am missing some important parts.
When I go to the download site:


I see a number of items to download:

    * mono-2.8.tar.bz2
    * mono-basic-2.8.tar.bz2
    * libgdiplus-2.8.tar.bz2
    * gluezilla-2.6.tar.bz2


28 items in all. Now, my question is, what are all these for? I don't
recall exactly which ones I grabbed in the past. I have consistently
awful experiences with debugging in monodevelop, possibly I need (and
do not have) one of the *-debugger-* items? Should I do a (configure,
make, install) on each of the 28 tarballs? I am quite happy to build
whatever, but it is not clear to me what all these are and what order
they may or may not need to be built in.

My question is, is there a description of the various tarballs somewhere?


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