[Mono-list] Works Great

Abe Gillespie abe.gillespie at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 13:34:03 EDT 2010

I'll admit it, this is thinly veiled self-promotion.  I want to
express my gratitude to the Mono team.  Also, I know I always
appreciate hearing about a Mono success story.  So here's mine.

Although the service won't be public until probably sometime next year
it is almost fully functional.  We hope to start beta testing in
November.  The service is http://tendr.me and allows a very simple and
efficient way to transfer funds from one party to the next.  It's sort
of a prepaid debit card where the transferring of funds occurs via
phones, Google Talk, and / or Twitter. AND, all transfers are free
when they occur within the Tendr.me network.  So you can pay someone
$.10 for a candy and not have to pay a transaction fee.  The candy is
$.10, you pay $.10.

Almost the entire suite was developed with Mono and MonoDevelop.
Prior to 2.8 I had to compile Mono-specific versions of TweetSharp,
jabber-net, and some other dependencies the service has.  Now with 2.8
there's no conditional compilation whatsoever.  I literally copy the
binaries to my CentOS server and run.  Tendr.me consists of a Windows
service that runs via mono-service2 and an ASP.Net MVC 2 website.

There's a teaser at http://tendr.me  If you mash the start button
you'll be invited to sign up for the announcement list.  Please do.
We're eager, of course, to get a feel for the interest.  And although
the mono-list has a large international following the service won't
immediately be international.  But we do have international
aspirations and hope to bring that functionality as soon as we can.

Thank you Mono hackers!

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