[Mono-list] Mono + Webcam (cross-platform solution)?

luis adrian rodriguez muñoz luisadrianmr83 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 18:21:10 EDT 2010

#First we need to install the Emgu.CV dll (that makes almost #all the magic)
#I made i little example, we need two controls a Gtk.Image #control and a
Gdk.PixBuf and also the System.IO; and #System.Drawing;

#Ok here is the example in Gtk.Window

#When we start the form we are gona use a timer for mono
public MainWindow () : base(Gtk.WindowType.Toplevel)
GLib.Timeout.Add (180, new GLib.TimeoutHandler (update_status));

##This is the event
private  bool update_status ()
 Image<Bgr, Byte> Photo=capture.QueryFrame();
 viewer.Image = Photo;
 bitmap =  viewer.Image.Bitmap;
 MemoryStream memor = new MemoryStream ();
 pix = new Gdk.Pixbuf(memor.ToArray());
 this.image2.Pixbuf = pix;
 return true;
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