[Mono-list] issues mono 2.8(.1)

Peter Hagen peter at wingsofdeath.nu
Tue Nov 30 06:17:38 EST 2010


I have been testing out the 2.8+ release for my Asp.net application,
running with mod-mono. At first the site looked faster then before, but
some times I notice that (at random) a page stops loading, and after a
while (10+ seconds some times) it goes on. Mostly on giving a refresh it
loads again. Could this have anything to do with the stop_world() and
restart_world() principle of the new Garbage Collection?

Yesterday I tried the site with SGEN by modifying
the /usr/bin/mod-mono-server2 like this:

exec /usr/bin/mono --gc=sgen $MONO_OPTIONS
"/usr/lib/mono/2.0/mod-mono-server2.exe" "$@"

and the result was eventually, that my entire memory was been eaten by
the mono process. Is this a known issue? Maybe it was just an issue
because of not completely restarting apache or something. I didnt dare
to try it again, cause its a live site. 

In several different situations (with different sites on different
machines) I noticed the stuttering of the website. This is all with
2.8.1 (2.8.0 also did it) and one machine is a Debian 4 version while
the other is a Ubuntu 10.4 running in VirtualBox. It happens with and
without SGEN enabled. Any ideas about this?



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