[Mono-list] How to use Gdk.FontSelection???

Francisco M. Marzoa fmmarzoa at gmx.net
Mon Nov 22 14:52:49 EST 2010


I'm trying to use an object Gdk.FontSelection -not dialog- on my
application. I create it within a frame and it looks fine, the problem
is that I do not know how to set/get the selected font, the font size,
etc. from code.

I've tried something as simple as:

Gtk.FontSelection fs = new Gtk.FontSelection();
fs.FontName = "Arial"

But "Arial" font is not selected. I've also try with:

fs.SetFontName ("Arial");

With same results.

Anyway on Mono documentation there are only two writable properties and
one public method on Gtk.FontSelection, that does not fullfill the
requeriments of getting/setting font family, font slang, font weight and
font size.


Thanks a lot in advance,

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