[Mono-list] getting asp.net to reload modified files

Foo jhfoo-ml at extracktor.com
Sun Nov 21 10:57:30 EST 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to learn mono's asp.net on mod_mono + Apache22 + FreeBSD 8.1. 
I've been working on IIS7 + Microsoft's asp.net, so I'm trying to 
recreate a similar development experience.

One of the things I'm stumbling over now, is that code files like .aspx 
and .cs files don't seem to get recognised by asp.net after the first 
time it's been auto-compiled. In other words, if I change the file and 
reload the page, it's still the old page.

I understand mono has this watcher class which monitors file change. Can 
anyone advise if it's enabled by default for FreeBSD, and how I can 
resolve this puzzle?
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