[Mono-list] Text on Cairo

Francisco M. Marzoa fmmarzoa at gmx.net
Tue Nov 16 12:21:02 EST 2010

Hello there,

I'm currently fighting with Cairo's text system, and I should to admit
that I've a slight headache...

The main problem that I've is that, for coherence, I would like to
specify a point (as a pair of x,y coords) and the text should be drawn
taken that point like the top-left point of the text.

I think I must use TextExtents and/or FontExtents for this purpouse, but
I didn't figure out HOW.

There's an explanation in this tutorial:


But unfortunatly the code is missing.

Does someone has some code on this issue that he/she dont mind to share???

Thanks a lot in advance,

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