[Mono-list] mono_jit_exec problem

Fede federico.omoto at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 12:10:47 EST 2010


I'm using mono to develop a Smalltalk/.NET Bridge and I've a problem while
calling mono_jit_exec() and passing it in the argument vector a relative or
full path to an assembly.
That is for example: if I call it with "path/to/myassembly.exe" or
"/full/path/to/myassembly.exe", mono_jit_exec() just returns without
executing the program; in the other hand, if I call it being in the same
directory where the assembly is located the program just runs fine.

I've also tried using the mono command line program to see what happens in
this situation and verified the same behaviour, so I assume it's not my code

Do I have to do something to run an assembly that is not located in the same
path of my application?

Thank you in advance and FYI this is what I get when I set the
MONO_LOG_LEVEL environment variable to "debug":


Best regards,

Federico Omoto
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