[Mono-list] UDP Socket not firing

Grzegorz Sobanski silk at boktor.net
Thu May 6 11:02:44 EDT 2010

* Steve Ricketts <velocedge at hotmail.com> [2010-05-06 15:37]:
> I'm trying to listen for data on port 6267 using a UDP socket.  When I send
> udpAudioReceiver.BeginReceive (udpAudioReceiverBuffer, 0,
> udpAudioReceiverBuffer.Length, SocketFlags.None, new
> AsyncCallback(udpAudioReceiver_DataArrival), udpAudioReceiver);

I believe you want the udpAudioReveiver.BeginReceiveFrom method here.
BeginReceive is according to msdn for connected sockets.


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