[Mono-list] Informix Connection Problem ("Feature not implemented"

niklas.albers at main-it.de niklas.albers at main-it.de
Tue Jun 15 09:43:37 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I am trying to build a connection to an Informix database via monodevelop. 
I am testing the commercial ADO.NET provider of the OpenLink company. I am 
in contact witht their support, too, but I hope you can help me with my 
My application didn't run, it throws the exception "The requestet feature 
is not implementet" Could anybody help me finding the problem?

Here is my application:

using System;
using OpenLink.Data.GenericClient;

namespace informixconnect
        class MainClass
  public static void Main(string[] args)
    OPLConnection con = new 
    Console.WriteLine("Connection Ok");
   catch (Exception e)

System.NotImplementedException: The requested feature is not implemented.
  at OpenLink.Data.GenericClient.ConnectionPool.getConnection 
(OpenLink.Data.Common.BaseConnectionOptions _info, System.String _url) 
[0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at OpenLink.Data.GenericClient.OPLConnection.Open () [0x00000] in 
<filename unknown>:0 
  at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) 
OpenLink.Data.GenericClient.OPLConnection:Open ()
  at informixconnect.MainClass.Main (System.String[] args) [0x0000b] in 

kind regards

Niklas Albers
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